How To Use These Materials in Three Steps

1. Prepare

  • Print and read the Lesson pamphlet. Ask yourself: Are there any words here that my child might need me to explain?
  • Read the Bible passage. Ask yourself: Is my child able to read this Bible passage out loud, or should I read it to him/her?
  • Read the memory verses on the back of the pamphlet. Ask yourself: Which verse should be the first memory verse my child and I work on together?

2. Teach

  • Begin by pointing out the cover picture to your child.
  • Read the Bible passage together.
  • After reading the story, ask your child a few simple questions about the Bible passage, to see if he/she understood the Bible passage.
  • Read the questions to your child, giving your child a chance to answer as he/she is able.
  • Read the answers aloud to your child.
  • Read the prayer, perhaps phrase-by-phrase with your child repeating after you.

3. Repeat

  • If possible, repeat #2 (above) one or two more times during the week.
  • Practice the memory verses with your child, perhaps even once per day.
  • Post the pamphlet in a prominent place in your home, so that your child can see the cover art during the week.

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